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  • Currently supports the Davis Vantage/Vue, Oregon Scientific WM918, WM968, WMR100, WMR200 and LaCrosse 2300 series personal weather stations.
  • There is beta support for Davis Monitor/Wizard personal weather stations. (No registration fee required for a station in beta).
  • Simple display layout shows all primary weather information on one screen.
  • Saves data to SQLite database or any DB via ODBC connection.
  • Full AppleScript support.
  • Ability to upload web pages to FTP server for real-time website weather updates.
  • Update your Twitter account with custom weather updates.
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  • Downloads, decodes and displays METAR data from the National Weather Service for multiple cities
  • Downloads and displays 24-48 hours trend data.
  • Downloads and displays up to 8-days extended forecast.
  • Severe weather, Thunderstorm, Tornado and Flood Weather Alerts
  • Animated NEXRAD radar images
  • Configurable GOES satellite images
  • Full AppleScript support
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  • Decodes and displays called ID information from a modem attached to your Macintosh, including Apple USB modem.
  • Shows list of received calls.
  • Network to other copies of CIDTracker or many other caller ID programs on the Mac or PC.
  • Run an AppleScript when any call comes in
  • Run a specific AppleScript when an individual number comes in
  • Send a customized E-Mail
  • Growl notification when call comes in
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